Parent Engagement Partners (PEPs)

Parent Engagement Partners (PEPs) are parents, grandparents, siblings, alumni, teachers, administrators, and community members who organize to ensure that parent voice is authentically incorporated into decision making in Portland’s three public high schools.

PEPs amplify voices of those too often left out of decision making in education — including immigrants and low income families. PEP organizers find ways to ensure that a broad group of parents are empowered to share their dreams for education and be part of making lasting, student-centered change.

Please read our Parent and Family Engagement Manifesto!

The Parent Engagement Partners accomplishments include creating the Parent and Family Engagement Manifesto and using it to successfully advocate for a new district policy on family engagement.

PEPs connect with other parents informally in the community, in churches and mosques, in homes and neighborhoods, as well as in more formal parent-facilitated, parent-designed events to bring families and schools together called Shared Space Cafés.

In addition to special events and language-specific meetings, there are other opportunities for skill development and other community-centered learning opportunties.

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