Parent Ambassador Training

The Parent Ambassador Training (PAT) is a six week training to orient new arrivals and unengaged parents to understand how education works in the United States and how parents and families can engage the system. Participants build their skills and confidence on how to advocate for issues affecting their children’s education. Parent learn how to use their relationship in the community to work with other parents and leader to inform policy, practice, and decision-making in education in their communities and school districts.

The Parent Ambassador Training was specifically designed by and for underrepresented parents.

Portland Empowered Lead Parent Organizers (PEPLOs) co-facilitate the PAT with staff of Portland Empowered. These individuals reflect the background and demographics of the participants involved and the content and delivery of the material is well-matched to meet the needs and interests of the participants.

The content of the training includes sessions for parents and family members on a) how the school system works, b) outreach and engagement, c) connecting with community and school resources, d) building relationships with school staff, administrators, teachers. d) how  to engage school and city leaders.