About Portland Empowered

Portland Empowered strives to ensure that student and parent voices are reflected in policy and practice within Portland Public Schools. Students and parents are experts on what they need to be successful in education, and our Youth Engagement Partners and Parent Engagement Partners are critical assets to education reform in Portland and beyond. We also share the knowledge and tools Portland Empowered develops to deepen the impact of student and parent engagement initiatives in Greater Portland and across the country. Portland Empowered is housed at the Maine Immigrant Rights Coalition. 

The students, parents, families, staff, and partners of Portland Empowered work together in order to:

Create Platforms for Authentic Engagement

Portland Empowered creates shared spaces for shared results among families, students, and schools.

For parents, families, and students to really be engaged in education, they have to first be involved and acquire enough information and tools to make meaningful decisions.

Develop Leaders

Portland Empowered offers trainings and creates conditions for students and parents to recognize and develop their leadership abilities.

PE nurtures emerging youth and adult leaders to promote equity and excellence for all learners across racial, cultural, linguistic, socioeconomic and other backgrounds.

Make Connections

Relationships are at the foundation of Portland Empowered. PE builds alliances within the community and builds bridges between families and educators.

Share Resources

The need for equity extends beyond our own community. Portland Empowered shares its tools and learning with other individuals and schools with similar goals across Greater Portland and the country.

Students and parents can be the best teachers about the innovative community engagement strategies that they help to develop.