Nsiona Nguizani

Nsiona Nguizani, former Parent Lead Organizer for Portland Empowered

Spoken Languages: English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Lingala, Kikongo Portland Empowered is the needed bridge between parents and school system to ensure better communication between parties and the success of children in school. The school system in the U.S. is such that parents must be involved in the education of their children by constantly monitoring things […]

Lisa Whited

Lisa Whited, Parent Lead Organizer for Portland Empowered

Lisa values being part of an inclusive community and believes that school teachers and administrators connecting with immigrant families and students is a key component of a welcoming and vibrant community. Having attended Portland schools herself, Lisa has had two children graduate the Portland school system, and has one other child currently attending Portland High […]

Maria Cushing

Maria Cushing, Parent Lead Organizer at Portland Empowered

Spoken Languages: Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, Cape Verdean Creole Maria Cushing is a native of Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde. Aside from being a parent organizer, she works as a Community Health Outreach Worker (CHOW) and interpreter. She believes that PEP is helping to bridge the gap between teachers and parents, creating better communication and […]

Layla Mohamed

Layla Mohamed, Former Parent Lead Organizer at Portland Empowered

Spoken Languages: English, Somali, Arabic, French, Turkish Layla sees a lot of value in how Portland Empowered makes information about the Portland school system understandable and accessible and works hard to bring the tools that Portland Empowered gives her to her community. She encourages all members of her community to participate in Portland Empowered events, […]