Pious has been deeply involved with Portland Empowered since its inception in 2010 at the City of Portland Refugee Service. As the founding director, he played a pivotal role in its establishment and continued growth. When the organization relocated to the University of Southern Maine Cutler Institute in 2014, Pious demonstrated his commitment by following it there.

His primary focus at Portland Empowered is to create opportunities for unengaged community members to voice their opinions and empower young individuals to advocate for themselves. He strongly believes in the importance of providing everyone with a platform for self-expression, whether they are students, families, or other community members. By facilitating engagement between these groups and their school districts, Pious aims to improve the quality of education for all students.

Pious is motivated by the belief that this work helps level the playing field for marginalized individuals and promotes equity within the educational system and the larger community. He sees it as a way to prepare young students and emerging leaders from diverse backgrounds for active participation in American democratic and public life.

Aside from his professional endeavors, Pious enjoys connecting with people and discussing topics related to public and civic engagement. He values the opportunity to exchange ideas over a cup of tea, demonstrating his genuine interest in fostering meaningful conversations within the community.