Lucia Rico

Lucia Rico, Parent Lead Organizer for Portland Empowered

Spoken Languages: Spanish, English Having experienced challenges as a student herself, Lucia believes in the mission of PEPs and its efforts to help other families and students find the supports they need in order to achieve their full potential. She advocates for building communities of acceptance where all can succeed. Lucia is devoted to working […]

Nolasque Isirabahenda

Nolasque Isirabahenda, Parent Lead Organizer for Portland Empowered

Spoken Languages: French, English, Kirundi/Kinyarwanda Nolasque believes that Portland Empowered uses an essential approach for connecting schools and communities, face to face interaction, with an innovative tool for engagement- shared space café. This approach allows for positive discussions amongst different partners in education about how to improve the education system and increase chances for success […]

Jolie Iraoya

Jolie Iraoya, Parent Lead Organizer for Portland Empowered

Jolie is a mother of four boys. They all attend school in Portland, including two in high school, one in middle school and one in elementary school. Jolie migrated from the Democratic Republic of Congo to Nigeria before coming to the U.S. She speaks four languages and is currently learning American Sign Language (ASL) so […]

Micky Bondo

Micky Bondo, Parent Lead Organizer at Portland Empowered

Spoken Languages: French, Lingala, English Micky believes that PEP creates a platform for parents and educators to connect, share expertise, and work towards an inclusive approach to student centered learning, bridging parental involvement with student success, identifying areas of support, creating leadership opportunities, and sharing the voice of the disenfranchised to ensure that no child […]

Christine Biyoga

Christine Biyoga is originally from Burundi and is proud mother of 3 wonderful children. She is an early childhood educator and dedicated Portland Empowered Parent Ambassador. She speaks French, Swahili, Kirundi/Kinyarwanda and Lingala.